My Aviation Autobiography


Flight has always been fascinating to me. Although I am from a small town in West Virginia with little aviation opportunities, I can remember at the age of six years old my Mother holding me in her arms while we looked up into the sky. She could name the type of aircraft flying over-head, and I thought that was amazing. It wasn’t only my mother who helped peek my interest in aviation. My father also supported my interests. With their help I was able to participate in an after school assignment and a summer camp that changed my life forever.
My story begins on a beautiful sunny afternoon, when I told my parents about an extra credit assignment when I was in the seventh grade. The Young Eagles Program was giving free airplane rides to any student who wanted them. So, being the parents that they are, they helped me to get involved and my father drove me to our local airport CKB. I was able to take my first flight in a Cessna 172. From that day on I was in love with flying. I wanted to stay in the sky forever with that pilot. As I got older I was deeply involved with sports and school, but around the age of 17 my love for flying was becoming more of a passion.
The final spark came when I was reading an article about a camp called “Women Soar, You Soar” in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I decided to travel on my own, with my parents’ support, to attend the camp. The camp consisted of 75 female students and 35 female mentors all involved with aviation. I always loved flying, but had little opportunity considering I am from West Virginia. It had never occurred to me that I could actually be the pilot. Those mentors changed my life, and I came home with the confidence that I had never had before, and a determination ready to take on anything. I found a fellow aviation lover and instructor in my area who was in his late seventies. He had over thirty-three thousand hours of flying and he agreed to give me lessons. I’ve learned all of the basics from Larry, and without him I may not have decided to really pursue this career.
Without the help and guidance from my family, friends, and mentors, I would never be the person I am today or have had the opportunity to study aviation here at EKU. I am truly blessed to have those people in my life that have taught me so many wonderful life lessons.


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