Leaving Your Comfort Zone is Essential


In my small hometown of 2,500 people, I am two hours away from the closest international airport and don’t have a lot of guidance or mentors in the field of aviation. I learned about camp “SOAR” through reading Aviation for Women Magazine and realized it was the perfect opportunity for me at that point in time. A camp that helped me learn about different career paths in aviation for my future was exactly what I set out to experience. So at seventeen years old, I’m proud to say that I traveled from Shinnston, West Virginia to Oshkosh, Wisconsin by myself and surrounded myself with aviation enthusiasts. Now of course, I felt uncomfortable. This was a huge scary step for me to travel on my own. Going through multiple airports to connect flights was intimidating to me. Especially in larger cities compared to what I was used to with my hometown. My courage to leave my comfort zone turned out to be a life changing experience for me that I am very grateful I had. Because I left my comfort zone that was the spark that has led me to accomplish everything thus far in my Aviation career. It was an experience of a lifetime that I will remember forever. My parents were supporting me every step of the way and are the ones who taught me how “Leaving your comfort zone is essential.” I will always remember this life lesson and continue to use it to my advantage when facing something new and scary.
By facing my fear and traveling to attend a camp at Oshkosh now not only do I want to be successful like the women I met, but I want to help others in my community be successful as well. I know that hard work and perseverance do pay off when working to achieve a goal. I hope to continue to face challenges, leave my comfort zone and accomplish all of my goals ahead in my future.


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