The Third Wright Brother


So far I am half way through my first semester here at Eastern Kentucky University and I absolutely love it. I feel I have already learned so much! It is one thing sitting in a classroom during high school and it is another thing when you are actually interested and love learning about the amazing people who created our world of aviation. What these courageous men and women did is inspiring by the sacrifices they made in order to achieve their dreams. One person that I have learned about and really thought highly of was the woman who was so called the third Wright brother.
Katherine Wright was the sister to the famous Wilbur and Orville Wright. Katharine made her first flights while in Europe – she was the third woman to fly in an airplane, behind Teresa Peltier and Edith Berg. Wilbur took her aloft several times, once in front of King Edward VII of England to make the point that even young ladies could travel through the air as easily as in motorcars. Katherine was involved in aviation as well but her impact that she had on the boys was something nobody could replace. A lot of people believe Wilbur and Orville kept pursuing because of her. She was called the third Wright brother considering her impact she had on them. Some interesting facts about Katherine was at the age of fifteen years old it became her job to care for the boys after their mothers death from tuberculosis. She cared for them and raised them throughout the rest of their childhood.
When her brothers were heavily involved with their flying Katherine stood beside them. The boys eventually decided to move their test flights from Kitty Hawk, NC and began to perfect their powered flying machine at Huffman Prairie just outside Dayton, Ohio, Katharine would round up a few trusted teachers to come out and help with the experiments. The aircraft and the launching mechanism were too large for the Wright brothers to handle on their own. She arranged other volunteers to help her brothers on the flying machine, and she even managed her bothers business affairs and became an officer in their company later on. Wilbur, Orville, and Katherine were all awarded the Legion of Honor by the French. Who knows where aviation would have gone if Katherine wasn’t there to care for and encourage her brothers every step of the way. For that, I look up to Katherine and thank her for her impact on aviation.


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