Airplane Repo


After I finished watching the West Virginia football game, I found myself flipping through the channels and landing on the Discovery Channel after I got a glimpse of an airplane. My roommate Rachel and I started watching what is called Airplane Repo. I had never watched the show before but was quickly interested when I heard them talking about aviation related things. If you own an aircraft and you fall behind on your aircraft loan, your plane may come face to face with guys like Nick Popovich or Ken Hill professional aircraft repossession specialists. As you can imagine, airplane repo specialists like Nick and Ken have seen and experienced just about everything. The episode we decided to watch Nick Popovich was inspecting the aircraft and realized the airplane did not have any radios for him to use in order to get back to his own airport. It took a lot for him to have the airplane legal to fly, but these men take some serious risks in order to get these airplanes off the ground and back to their airport for the rightful owners.

Personally, I kind of hated having to see people upset when they realized somebody was taking their airplane, but in reality its something the bank can and has to do. These high dollar airplanes all have pilots flying them and it broke my heart they weren’t able to keep up with payments or something happened in order for them to be in that situation. The show was definitely one that kept me intrigued from the adrenaline rushes of them trying to not get caught for trespassing.

I would recommend it for others to watch because it was interesting. My favorite part was that they would show the type of aircraft they were repossessing and they would give you details about that certain airplane. So it is very interesting from that standpoint and something for you to check out!


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