Weather Cancellations


Well, it has been quite the week! This past weekend I celebrated my nineteenth birthday with my family in Burnside, Kentucky. We rented a house around Lake Cumberland and celebrated my birthday, which was November 9th, and also my fathers birthday whose was the tenth. I had my cousins, aunts, grandmas, mom, dad and sister all come to visit me. We had a blast! It was so nice to just relax and see my family again after what felt like forever since I had not seen them since fall break around early October. We had perfect weather! Believe it or not we actually were passing frisbee outside with my four year old niece wearing shorts! Remembering my awesome weekend throughout the week it just did not seem real or right that the temperature was around 36 degrees! The weather has not been cooperating with my schedule the way I would like it too. We actually experienced snow flurries today, which resulted with low mile visibility. I have recently started my second semester cross-country lessons through our program and have had to cancel multiple times due to weather… My instructor allowed me to pick where I wanted to fly for our first cross- country and of course I picked near Lake Cumberland! It is absolutely beautiful around there. I started my flight plan from I39 (our home base airport for EKU) to Wayne Co KEKQ, which is near Burnside the area where I just celebrated with my family. I have been waiting and becoming more anxious to be able to see that area from the sky! Hopefully we will be able to get off the ground this coming Saturday with weather permitting … I have my checkpoints, true course, and magnetic course all prepared now to add in those weather corrections for when the timing is right! Until then, Ill be buying gloves and digging out my warm jackets and hats to prepare for those chilling pre-flights. ☺


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