My First Cross Country for EKU


I was finally able to complete my cross-country from I39 to KEKQ! The weather turned out to be absolutely perfect this past Saturday. It was a little chilly, but all in all it was a perfect day to fly! We traveled fifty-three nautical miles to our destination (KEKQ) and it took us around a half an hour. The views from the sky were absolutely gorgeous! I was expecting a pretty flight but it was so much more once we were actually flying over the beautiful Lake Cumberland! It would be interesting to read about how large the lake is because it just seems you could travel on it forever… Like I said in my last post my instructor, Dalton, has allowed me to plan everything on my own. My training started out a little frustrating when I didn’t understand some things, but I eventually was able to click with the cross-country planning and get the hang of the way EKU likes things to be. Our actual flight down I did feel a little unsure of myself on the radios just because I was not used to it yet. So, Dalton did all of the radio calls down to KEKQ and then I called them on the way back just to get in the hang of things. Even though that’s not a big deal at all, I was proud of myself for accomplishing that. It was a little overwhelming to me at first and I’m still not very comfortable on the radio, but my instructor told me it comes with practice. I think all pilots have felt that sort of pressure and embarrassment before… My instructor told me at the end of our lesson how I did a good job and his story of how he completely butchered his first cross-country. Everything bad that could have happened seemed like it all happened on his! So, that story made us laugh and made me feel like I did an ok job. Hopefully the radio calls will come easier for me this week and I don’t feel those nerves. Now, lets see if the snow holds off because nice weather would be greatly appreciated for this week!


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