Summer Decisions


Well, today I had another flight lesson cancelled due to weather. We have really had a hard time keeping flights scheduled, which tends to make me think about my future plans. I have been thinking a lot recently about what is best for me for this summer and figuring out a way to put my decision into action. The decision I need to make is whether to find an apartment here in Richmond, or head back to West Virginia for the summer and be with my family. There are definitely pros and cons to both situations. For one, if I find an apartment here in Richmond I would be able to keep training and be able to continue building my hours with flight, which would help me in order to stay on top of the game and not get behind with my flight path I have here at Eastern Kentucky. The pros of going home would include being able to stay with my family and flying around once every two weeks. By typing out my options and looking at both and considering all of the weather cancellations I have been having it is real clear what the best decision is for me. I need to stay in Richmond and fly. I have already made sacrifices in order to fly and staying in Richmond over summer to keep up with my schooling and flying is just another one I feel I need and have to make. This blog has definitely helped me to finally come to the conclusion of what I need to do. Now I need to start looking for my next step, which is finding a place to live and talking to my friends! Tori, my good friend on the flight deck has been interested in getting an apartment together. So, I guess we should start planning!


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