Russell County Flying


I was able to complete my second cross-country Saturday for Eastern Kentucky! The wind was pretty high, but it was blowing straight down the runway at Richmond Madison Airport (I39) so it worked out well for us. I chose to fly to Russell County (K24)… Our flight was definitely longer than usual because we had such a strong headwind! It took us around thirty-five minutes just to arrive at our chosen destination. (K24) Now, on our way back to Richmond it only took around twenty minutes with our tailwind being so strong. Our ground speed on the way home I calculated on my E6B before the flight to be one hundred and fifty knots! So that was definitely appreciated with our timing. Every pilot loves a tailwind! I learned that there are definitely some checkpoints you should use if available and then there are definitely some checkpoints that never seem to work out. For example, just picking a road when your crossing over can be a little tricky. There are roads everywhere while flying! My instructor told me that it’s easier if you choose an intersection where two roads meet or an interstate that way things are definitely easier to spot. Other checkpoints I decided to use included a lake and a VOR checkpoint. The lake was easy to spot because it was a giant body of water near a town. Secondly, I am learning more about the VOR so it was interesting to see when we intersected with the VOR and the needle centered up. Another helpful tool I used for my flight was learning everything about that airport by using different tools. some of these tools included Global Air, and Google Earth. They allowed me to see visually and know statistics about the airport. These certain tools became very helpful because there just so happened to be a drag strip right next to the airport!
Choosing the right checkpoints and using all available resources to learn about where you are flying is something I will keep in mind while flying anywhere. It is especially helpful for dead reckoning. I can’t wait till next time!


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