Traveling Tuesday


This past Tuesday I was able to travel multiple ways. My classes finished for the break on the following Monday and then Tuesday I had a flight from twelve to two and a drive back home afterwards. The flight I made was supposed to be to Bowman Field, LOU. My instructor and I finally got off the ground at Madison Airport but realized we were running short on time. Especially since we had somewhat of a headwind, which didn’t help with timing. We flew towards Bowman Field but knew we were not going to make it back in time for a round trip, so we called flight following and told them our plans to just turn around and head back home. I was able to practice talking with Lexington Approach again and I requested flight following with them. Things felt even better this time on the radios and I could tell I was much more confident. So, practice does help with those nerves. I have also been listening to to help. I type in Lexington’s tower and listen to their ground, tower, and approach online and listen to it while I do homework online. It is pretty neat to listen too and something that is free and open for everyone to use and listen too. After my excitement with my lesson, we landed back at I39 and I then made the five-hour drive back home to spend Thanksgiving break with my family. On my way home I couldn’t help to think that one day I will be able to just fly myself home! Little thoughts and things like that motivate me to keep working hard. Even though I am home, I will still be studying preparing for finals ton finish off the semester. I also realized and counted that I only have nine more flight lessons left! I’m hoping the weather will be kind to me on Tuesdays and Thursdays because I am ready to hold that license!


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