Book Searching


I found the book, “Women Aviators,” by Karen Bush Gibson in Eastern Kentucky’s main library. For anyone who may be interested, Women Aviators tells the adventurous and heart warming stories of 26 pioneer flights, daring missions, and record-setting journeys. Gibson’s book is filled with amazing stories of women who had the courage to take action.
Women Aviators is filled with twenty-six different biographies all revolving around one main idea that they all had in my opinion, determination. The book tells about some of the most amazing women in the world of aviation including some names I recognized from my Aviation History class at EKU. Gibson even included names and stories that had a major impact on aviation, but didn’t necessarily fly all of the time. For example, one interesting story I liked was Katherine Wrights. I have blogged about Katherine before. She was called, “the third Wright brother” considering her impact she had on Orville and Wilbur Wright. Some interesting facts about Katherine was at the age of fifteen years old it became her job to care for the boys after their mothers death from tuberculosis. She arranged volunteers to help her brothers on the flying machine, and she even managed her bothers business affairs and became an officer in their company later on. Wilbur, Orville, and Katherine were all awarded the Legion of Honor by the French.
Other names and stories told were Harriet Quimby: the first woman to fly across the English Channel, Bessie Coleman: “Queen Bess”, Neta Snook: The Woman who taught Amelia to fly, Amelia Earhart: the most publicly famous female aviator in the world, and many more very interesting, courageous women. I would highly recommend this book to others, especially female pilots because you feel inspired after reading everything that these women did in order to achieve their dreams of flight against everyone’s opinions. Also, I was searching around on GlobalAir today and saw they had a directory for aviation related articles and books! I thought that was pretty neat especially if you’re interested in the field. I plan on checking some of them out after finals. Ill be waiting for the day after finals… Until next time ☺


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