Finishing Up The Semester


Wow has this semester flown by! I cannot believe that finals for my very first semester of college are already here. I have been trying to prepare as much as possible especially these last few days. My professor, Mr. Adams, gave us all study guides to help prepare for his exam which is in Aviation History. So that definitely takes off some pressure. Looking through the study guide I can say I feel sort of proud in a way that I now know more people and events than I ever did before who impacted our world of aviation. Names like Charles Lindbergh, Richard Byrd, Wiley Post, Chuck Yeager, Glen Curtiss, John Glenn and events such as the Hindenburg crash, World War II and many other events in history that have changed our world to get to where we are today. I know I have blogged about this before, but I am just so happy that I can actually sit in a classroom now and enjoy learning about what the instructor is teaching the class. Learning about these men and women and certain events in history is very inspiring and is something that we all can grow on by learning from their mistakes. That is one major lesson that I have learned is key in aviation. No matter how dumb you feel it is important to share our mistakes. It helps others grow and learn along with you. We are all human! Everyone makes mistakes… I was disappointed once again because my night cross-country was cancelled tonight due to weather. Some of the instructors have been saying they think we have broken a record for the most flights cancelled in a row. It is kind of humorous in a way, but then again it is really a pain in the neck because we can’t get work done. I can say that I feel I did make the right decision when choosing a college to further my education. Eastern Kentucky has been very good to me this first semester even with the weather being crappy. I am ending my blog again tonight by saying hopefully I will be able to blog my flight adventures next Tuesday! Until then, I’ll be studying for finals and I can say I will officially be done with my first semester here at EKU by Monday! Woohoo!!


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