Reflecting on Fall Semester


Hey Everyone! I finally finished up my first semester here at EKU! I still cannot believe that it is already over. Time really does fly. It flies even faster while you’re flying. I finished all of my exams and have maintained my good grades. I now have twenty-seven credit hours under my belt since I took college classes in high school. I am already prepared for spring semester as well. I scheduled my spring semester classes a while ago as well as my flight lab. I will also be staying in Clay Hall’s “flight deck” next semester. So I am set! I am not really sure if you can call it a flight deck for me though. Being a girl, I live on the ninth floor of clay when the actual flight deck is the male’s tenth floor. There are a total of three girls in aviation on the ninth floor “flight deck” including myself. The other including my roommate, Rachel, who just switched her major to Aviation Management and our friend Tori, who is also majoring in professional flight and just finished up her instrument ground and is working on her instrument rating! Before school started I was expecting how awesome it was going to be living in a living learning community for Aviation! I was expecting at least one side of the hall to be filled. Then it turned out to be just us! I don’t know why I was expecting a bunch of girls considering I chose a male dominated field a long time ago, but I do know that it is growing. So why is it that the field is still so male dominated? I really believe that lack of mentors is a big part. I also knew before I started into this field I wanted to share my love for Aviation with others back home and around my hometown and home airport, 4G7. Anyways, I think I am going to do my next blog on my future goals and how I want to make an impact so I don’t get too far off subject… I am headed back to West Virginia tomorrow and my friends have already left for home. This semester was a success and I don’t know how I would have made it without my new friends and great professors. Until next time bloggers…


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