How Can I Make an Impact?


It’s healthy to have many short-term and long-term goals for yourself. Some of the happiest moments in my life all revolved around finishing a goal that I set out for myself. For example, my high school basketball career, making it to a college of my choice, first solo, first solo cross-country, and many other things. These all made an impact on my life because I set out a goal to do something for myself and accomplished it. After making the final decision to go to school for aviation I started to dream about how I could help others in the future by being a resource for them. I told myself when I would become qualified I would help others learn more about aviation careers by effectively using social media and volunteering to speak to students in high school and middle schools. I want to eventually become a mentor and provide guidance for students (especially girls) in small towns that have less resources since this is something I have experienced first-hand to be very challenging. I have many dreams and goals when it comes to aviation, but if I had to pick or choose one that would be most rewarding to see it would be broadening the horizons of young students in my hometown. I want to show them how there is a big world out there and that it is possible to achieve and do anything that you set your mind to do as long as you have the right mindset and ability to work extremely hard. I am at the point in my life where I am happy and working hard towards my goals. I hope to inspire, instruct, and even improve others personal standards and mentality for them to never quit, and set the bar high for themselves. I will never quit.


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