Preparing for Christmas


Hello bloggers! I hope everyone’s Christmas break is going well! I just got home from celebrating Christmas Sunday at Church. The sermon was a good one as well as the covered dish lunch following it. Nothing beats church dinners or lunches, they are the best!
I had an easy drive home this past weekend after I finished school. I met my family in Charleston, West Virginia, which is three hours from Richmond, Kentucky for a the state cheer competition. My family went to support our neighbor, Hallie, who cheers for the high school team at home. They ended up getting runner-up in the state so we were happy and proud for her. After the competition we decided to do some Christmas shopping in Charleston and then started to head home later that night. My sister rode in the car with me so it made the rest of my journey home much better being able to talk to someone rather than just singing to myself in the car! Ha! I have just been meeting up with friends and family, enjoying my break and trying to find the perfect Christmas gift for everyone. My Christmas shopping is still not complete… Some people are just so hard to shop for! My family has been asking me for Christmas ideas for myself. Of course, I started thinking about what I could order for flying! I started to think how I have been pulling out my cell phone for the time while “cross-country” flying. So number one on my list was a new watch. Not necessarily a fancy one, but just something I could strap on my wrist so it is one less thing to hold. Number two on my Christmas list was a kneeboard with pockets to strap around my thigh while flying. Just another tool to help me stay organized and not have a messy cockpit. I learned that the hard way while I had to ask my instructor to hold my maps while landing… Things just don’t feel all together with a messy cockpit and it could be very dangerous. So, lets hope Santa comes through and delivers me some new toys! Merry Christmas everyone!


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