Penguins Game Fun


Hey everyone! I have had a wonderful break. I was able to enjoy Christmas and New Years with friends and family, go on mini vacations with my family, and relax before starting back to school. This past Tuesday my family and I were able to attend a Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game. I had never been to a hockey game before. I had always heard they were really exciting. The rumors were true! I had an absolute blast! On our way to Consol Energy Center I kept spotting airplane strobe lights in the air knowing that Pittsburgh International Airport was near. Growing up in Shinnston, Pittsburgh was always and is our closest major airport. Located two hours away, it was always so exciting when we were able to fly somewhere and head to Pittsburgh. I still had the excitement at nineteen that I can remember as a child when getting near the airport. My head was glued backwards looking into the sky the rest of the car ride. It really made me anxious to get back to flying at EKU. After arriving at the Consol Center my head was focused more on hockey and the excitement ahead of me. My Mom actually got a really good deal with our tickets on EBay. Our seats were awesome! Lets just say I’m a huge hockey fan now! The Penguins ended up winning seven to two, so it was an exciting game with lots of goals. We ended up staying in Pittsburgh that night and explored the city the following day. It was a very exciting trip and I would LOVE to do it all over again! I’m home now and starting to pack up for the new semester. I hate leaving my family, but I am ready to get back in the air.


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