Winter Setbacks


Hello bloggers. I’m sorry it’s been a while since I posted last. I am finally getting used to my new routine. Since the last time I posted I was hoping to get another cross-country in. The weather FINALLY allowed me to go! We flew to Monticello, Wayne Co. again KEKQ just because it’s my favorite airport to fly too that is just over fifty-three nautical miles away. We always fly just over fifty-three nautical miles to allow my flight instructor, Dalton, to get back for his next lesson. It felt great getting back on the controls! It had been so LONG since the last time we were able to fly together. Everything was fine until we were arriving at KEKQ and the airplane got ahead of me a little bit because I was late on getting the descent checklist done in time and everything prepared for our landing. Therefore, I was rushing a bit in the end, which is NOT something you should do. I will admit, that is the biggest thing EKU has taught me is how to prepare and be more of a professional pilot. I have had to discipline myself more in order to be a better pilot for EKU and myself. It will definitely benefit me in the long run. I am still working to make myself better everyday. After our last flight I was scheduled to fly again that following Friday and had to cancel due to the weather. It has really been a struggle and I cannot wait for summer to come around. It would really help our lessons keep on track. It has been really bothering me having to keep picking up where we left off every two weeks or more and getting the feel for things again. I just want to get my license! It feels like I have been training forever… Although this cold weather stinks and is setting me back, I know summer is just around the corner and I am keeping a positive mind knowing that one day Ill be able to hold my own license.


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