Officially a Ninety-Nine !


This past Saturday I attended my second ninety-nines meeting and found out that I am officially a member! I have quickly found out that all of the ladies there are very supportive and are very interesting to speak to. Best of all everyone loves to fly! They talk about what they want to do and they make it happen! The agenda was all about scheduling and organizing for our Girl Scout Aviation day on March 21st at Bowman Field in Louisville. My friend Tori and I volunteered to have our own booth to talk about Private Pilot training. Tori participated in it last year and asked me to join and help her present this year! So I am super excited to volunteer and help as a new member of the ninety-nines. ☺ After the meeting everyone went to grab some pizza down the road. We had a nice lunch and continued to talk about our exciting ideas. The best part of lunch came later when everyone went around the room and shared what all aviation adventures they’ve had in the last month. I shared how I have only completed one cross-country due to cancellations, but on the bright side I had received and email that I was an official member of the 99’s! So everyone was very supportive and excited for me. After everyone shared, all members voted whom they would like to see win the “rotating aviation award.” The award is a fancy looking airplane trophy that gets passed around each month to whoever the chapter votes for. They chose me!!! I was extremely shocked and honored to take it home for the month! I now have it sitting right dead center on my desk. I am proud to be apart of this tradition and I can’t wait to see whom I’ll be able to pass it onto next month. ☺ It feels great to have so much support from such wonderful ladies who also love aviation.


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