Snow Everywhere!


These last few days on campus have been pretty laid back. We have had two snow days in a row and I just found out that all classes before noon tomorrow are cancelled as well. I’d say we have around ten inches of snow here in Richmond and are expecting to get hit with more tonight! My instructor, Dalton, texted me late Sunday night and said, “Guy on the news is saying we’re going to get the most snow of the past fifteen years. Probably goes without saying we won’t be flying tomorrow. Stay safe.” I simply replied with, “Oh great. Haha thanks” I have had the worst of luck trying to get flight time. It’s actually quite hilarious at times. Like, “the most snow in fifteen years.” Last week, I had a lesson cancelled due to a new engine… Our lesson was working on reviewing short field and soft field takeoffs and landings in N92LC and they listed on flight schedule pro, No maneuvers/ Touch and Go. I guess they wanted to break the engine in. Dalton texted me and apologized considering it was a pretty day and all other aircraft were checked out so we weren’t able to fly. I have had some pretty bad luck, and It stinks because I feel so close to finishing… This weather has made me super anxious for summer! I do realize this weather is uncontrollable, and crazy at times here. We just had a beautiful sunny day not too long ago! On the bright side, all of this bad weather has helped me to get ahead on my homework and work on ground school. I am not complaining at all on having a few days off! It is nice to relax sometimes. I also attached a picture of my poor little mini cooper buried in the snow here in Richmond. Just wanted to give everyone an idea of how bad it is… I think President Benson made a good call.


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