Night Cross-Country


This past Wednesday I was able to work in a night cross-country with my instructor Dalton. We flew direct to Lexington (LEX) then on over to Bardstown (BRY) and then back to Richmond Madison. (I39) The flight was awesome! I love flying around sunset and nighttime. We had quite the time before our flight though. Somebody else checked out the airplane we originally had reserved and they were way off schedule. My flight time reservation was for seven o’clock and we waited at least twenty minutes for them to arrive back and they still were a no show. So, we ended up checking out another airplane (N53720) and corrected our flight plan. After we got that situation under control we taxied on over to the gas pumps for some fuel and encountered another problem with the pumps and could not get them to pump gas for us. Next thing I knew we had four different guys helping us trying to figure out what was wrong. Long story short the actual “preflight” took way longer than expected, but we finally got off the ground with full tanks. My actual flight went really well. First leg down to Lexington was a little rough considering I hadn’t had practice or talked with flight following in a while. Right after we departed Lexington I felt much better and more confident when it came to the radios. I felt I finally had the “script” pretty much memorized and I was more prepared when it came to expecting what they were going to ask. The overall experience was a great one and my next flight and step towards my license is to pass my stage two check with EKU flight instructor Sarah. I’ll be reviewing flight planning and calculations, weather, airspace, emergency procedures, stalls, and reading sectional charts. Wish me luck!


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