Stage Two Check


This past Monday I passed my stage two check ride! Due to weather, we just had the two hour ground portion of it on Friday and then rescheduled the flight for the following Monday. I had Sarah Boots who conducted my stage check. On Friday we talked about my flight plan and performance calculations, weight and balance, takeoff and landing distances, weather, airspace, and the VFR sectional. Then on the actual flight we flew to my first two checkpoints without the GPS which went pretty smooth. It’s pretty easy when you have I-75 in sight. She made me perform a couple lost procedures where I did some dead reckoning and then found myself by tuning in the VOR. We also performed power on and off stalls, and then talked about short field and soft field take-offs and landings. I found my way back to the airport without the GPS and performed a short field landing. The landing was not one of my best… I didn’t add enough power right before touching down since it was a short field landing and it was a little harder then planned. I was really aggravated with myself because I love landing airplanes! It’s the greatest feeling when you barely touch down and perform a perfect landing. A lot of people stress performing landings, but I absolutely love setting an airplane up for them and perfecting it. I kind of growled in a way because I knew it wasn’t great, but Sarah told me that it was fine and we were done for the day. Once I cleared the runway she said, “You passed!” I was so relieved… I was relieved because a weight was lifted off of my shoulders that has been there forever due to weather cancellations. It finally feels like I am able to move forward now. I’ll have to do three more solo cross-country requirements for EKU and then I am in stage 3 polishing things up for my final check ride. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous for my solo cross country flights but I also feel ready to do this because I know I can and achieving my private pilot’s license has been my goal for a long time now. I am READY!


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