Logging Solo Time


I completed my second solo cross-country flight this past Monday, March 23, 2015. The weather is starting to come around and spring flying is finally here! I chose to fly to a new airport this time down to Taylor Co (KAAS). The weather couldn’t have been any better. Leading up to my first solo flight I was really nervous about communications. After my first flight I learned how my sense of awareness and hearing increases by like two hundred when your flight instructor sends you off on your own. Thankfully, everything went fine talking on the radios for both flights and surprisingly it was not bad at all! I actually really enjoy listening to it now. I have been trying to practice more by listening to Liveatc.net in order to sound more professional and not like the normal student pilot. In order to meet requirements, I have one more long solo cross-country to complete. After talking to Dalton I have decided to fly from Richmond (I39) over to Bardstown (KBRY) up to Lexington (KLEX) and then back to Richmond for my long XC flight. After completing my flight I will only have two or three more flights polishing up my maneuvers preparing me for my final check ride! I am so excited, yet a little stressed due to the amount of homework and studying that I have had lately. After EKU had all of their snow days it feels like I haven’t had a break from professor trying to get us “caught up.” Spring break is also approaching and I am trying to have everything done before my vacation with my aunt on a Royal Caribbean cruise! Looks like I’ll definitely be taking my Private Oral Examine Guide book with me! I can not wait thinking that I’ll be able to sit along a white sandy beach with a book in my hands! After spring break I’ll be hitting the books pretty hard, but for now in all honesty I am in need of a vacation to a place where I have to apply high SPF in order to save my German/ Irish skin. I am ok with that!


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