Closing up Spring Semester


The spring semester is finally coming to an end. Last Friday, April 24th, I was able to complete my long solo cross-country! I was a little more than nervous flying into Lexington by myself. Considering it’s Class C airspace it made me a little uncomfortable. I ended up doing absolutely fine. There was nothing to stress over! Although, I did end up getting vectored four or five times avoiding traffic which was a first for me. I was a little uneasy considering it was all new, but I just kept listening to what the controller was telling me and I did fine. I will admit, I missed a call but I just simply asked him to “say again” and he stayed patient with me. Bless his heart!!! I’m sure I was the annoying one on a busy workday for that controller… I ended up being miles away from the runway after I was cleared for my landing. I’ll tell on myself again I performed the WORST landing of my LIFE. Coming straight in on final I believe that got me out of rhythm from the beginning. Also, considering my nerves from all of the vectoring and instructions I believe got into my head… Unfortunately. I was not proud of it at all and quite honestly I was embarrassed because they had the “big boys” lined up waiting for departure. I landed and full throttled again for takeoff and I followed departures instructions and I was then headed on my way West to Bardstown (BRY) for my second airport. My landing in Bardstown and Richmond were both more than perfect! Although I wish I could have performed MUCH better in Lexington sometimes that’s the way things go. I am sure I am not the only one who has had trouble with a landing. The flight was not only a great experience but also a wonderful learning experience. I’m glad I finally got the flight scheduled and under my belt. I am now waiting on ONE MORE flight to review everything with Dalton and then I am cleared to schedule for my FINAL CECKRIDES with Sarah and Steve. YAYYY! I’ll keep you posted! ☺


Thunder Over Louisville


This past weekend some members of the flight deck attended Thunder of Louisville. Being a West Virginia native I had never attended a “thunder” event before! My first experience with the airshow and fireworks extravaganza was one that I will never forget! Although, a lot of my friends were saying the airshow portion was not as good as years past I thought it was still great! Now the fireworks on the other hand were the best I have ever seen!!! Attending AirVenture in 2013 I can say that I have seen a more epic airshow before. The pilots in Louisville did equally amazing, the show in general was just limited due to the construction zone on the bridge. They had two large cranes sticking up over the walking bridge and the regular bridge which was of course a safety hazard to the pilots. The fireworks portion started out with two airplanes towing spotlighted American Flags as the crowd sang ‘Proud to be an American.’ With the airplanes flying overhead and the crowd singing patriotic songs is was definitely one of those cold chill moments. After the respectful moment was over the fireworks then started to bang playing to a mix tape of popular songs from the past few years. The colors of the fireworks even coordinated with the music! My jaw was to the ground the entire show… I looked at my friend Tori more than once screaming, “This is amazing!” or “I don’t know where to look!” There was so much action going on at once we found ourselves yelling “WOW! Where do we look?”


The songs ranged from Pitbull’s distinctive sound to classics from Disney. Some of the Disney songs brought back wonderful memories as I was mesmerized looking at the flashing colors. Overall, my first experience at Thunder of Louisville was one I will never forget. Besides the terrible traffic, the show was worth the wait and impatient people at the end! I can’t wait till next year!

Spring Break Adventures


Cruising the ocean, all you can eat dinners, zip lining in Haiti, snorkeling in Cozumel, and exploring Jamaica what more could a girl ask for? My spring break was very eventful and relaxing. We chose to go snorkeling and zip lining for our two excursions. My aunt Susan was a little nervous about the zip line, but of course after it was over she was ready to do it again! I wish I had a go-pro camera because it would have been awesome footage to have kept! I found a video on YouTube of the exact same zip line so you can get an idea and visual of what I am talking about! ( Video ) Dragons Breath Flight Line soars over 500 feet above the beaches at speeds of 40-50 mph. on a 2,600-foot long flight line! I have always thought about going skydiving and now after experiencing the zip line I am dead set on going skydiving in my future. Surprisingly I had no problem jumping off the deck for the zip line and I love the adrenaline rush. I’ve heard KEKX Elizabethtown has skydiving! It would be awesome if we could get a group of people from the flight deck that is interested as well! Snorkeling in Cozumel was a great experience too. The ocean reefs were gorgeous and I was able to spot a sea turtle, stingray, lots of fish, and a barracuda! Our snorkeling guide told us there was a stingray underneath so everyone could look and some lady started to panic. She asked, “Are we in danger?” The tour guide replied, “Noooooo, he is my friend.” It was pretty funny. The only bad thing was that the current was really strong that day so a lot of people didn’t like that and went back to the boat. I just managed to stay wide from the group (after getting kicked in the head with a flipper) and kicked my little flippers along. I’ve grown up on the water and consider myself a strong swimmer and I’ll admit it was pretty rough trying to stay as a group with the current being so strong. Jamaica was really fun too! We decided to just look around town and then go lay on the beach. It was really neat to see and experience the culture in Falmouth, Jamaica. Overall, I thought both excursions were awesome and all of the islands were gorgeous! I would love to go back one day!

Back to Reality


In my last blog I mentioned how I was getting ready to go on a cruise for spring break. We had an absolute blast! It was just my aunt Susan and I in the same cabin on Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas.” The trip was a late high school graduation present from my aunt. I guess you could say she spoils me a little bit… The ship was just massive! Pictures of it and all of the islands we visited just do not give them justice! We encountered rain the first two days so the cruising started off a little bit slow, but the last few days we had was nothing but sunshine! My pale white skin of course got fried with layered sunscreen on. I’m not complaining though considering I was expecting it too and thinking about all of the crappy weather Kentucky has had lately. It felt great to just relax and take a week off from everything. Every now and then I would think about everything I needed to do but had to routinely remind myself that I was on vacation! While sun bathing on the deck I had my Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide book and tried to get some reading and studying done… We were just about to depart Haiti and I was focused on my book and the ships horn BLASTED! I’ve never jumped so high in my life! My aunt Susan and I couldn’t stop laughing because she had jumped too! Overall, we had a great time at all of the ports and on the amazing “Oasis of the Seas.” We were able to do two really neat excursions. I was able to go zip lining in Haiti and snorkeling in Cozumel! Jamaica we decided to just lay out on the white sandy beach. Ill tell you all about my adventures in my next blog! See yah later Mon! 🙂