Back to Reality


In my last blog I mentioned how I was getting ready to go on a cruise for spring break. We had an absolute blast! It was just my aunt Susan and I in the same cabin on Royal Caribbean’s “Oasis of the Seas.” The trip was a late high school graduation present from my aunt. I guess you could say she spoils me a little bit… The ship was just massive! Pictures of it and all of the islands we visited just do not give them justice! We encountered rain the first two days so the cruising started off a little bit slow, but the last few days we had was nothing but sunshine! My pale white skin of course got fried with layered sunscreen on. I’m not complaining though considering I was expecting it too and thinking about all of the crappy weather Kentucky has had lately. It felt great to just relax and take a week off from everything. Every now and then I would think about everything I needed to do but had to routinely remind myself that I was on vacation! While sun bathing on the deck I had my Private Pilot Oral Exam Guide book and tried to get some reading and studying done… We were just about to depart Haiti and I was focused on my book and the ships horn BLASTED! I’ve never jumped so high in my life! My aunt Susan and I couldn’t stop laughing because she had jumped too! Overall, we had a great time at all of the ports and on the amazing “Oasis of the Seas.” We were able to do two really neat excursions. I was able to go zip lining in Haiti and snorkeling in Cozumel! Jamaica we decided to just lay out on the white sandy beach. Ill tell you all about my adventures in my next blog! See yah later Mon! 🙂


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