Thunder Over Louisville


This past weekend some members of the flight deck attended Thunder of Louisville. Being a West Virginia native I had never attended a “thunder” event before! My first experience with the airshow and fireworks extravaganza was one that I will never forget! Although, a lot of my friends were saying the airshow portion was not as good as years past I thought it was still great! Now the fireworks on the other hand were the best I have ever seen!!! Attending AirVenture in 2013 I can say that I have seen a more epic airshow before. The pilots in Louisville did equally amazing, the show in general was just limited due to the construction zone on the bridge. They had two large cranes sticking up over the walking bridge and the regular bridge which was of course a safety hazard to the pilots. The fireworks portion started out with two airplanes towing spotlighted American Flags as the crowd sang ‘Proud to be an American.’ With the airplanes flying overhead and the crowd singing patriotic songs is was definitely one of those cold chill moments. After the respectful moment was over the fireworks then started to bang playing to a mix tape of popular songs from the past few years. The colors of the fireworks even coordinated with the music! My jaw was to the ground the entire show… I looked at my friend Tori more than once screaming, “This is amazing!” or “I don’t know where to look!” There was so much action going on at once we found ourselves yelling “WOW! Where do we look?”


The songs ranged from Pitbull’s distinctive sound to classics from Disney. Some of the Disney songs brought back wonderful memories as I was mesmerized looking at the flashing colors. Overall, my first experience at Thunder of Louisville was one I will never forget. Besides the terrible traffic, the show was worth the wait and impatient people at the end! I can’t wait till next year!


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