Closing up Spring Semester


The spring semester is finally coming to an end. Last Friday, April 24th, I was able to complete my long solo cross-country! I was a little more than nervous flying into Lexington by myself. Considering it’s Class C airspace it made me a little uncomfortable. I ended up doing absolutely fine. There was nothing to stress over! Although, I did end up getting vectored four or five times avoiding traffic which was a first for me. I was a little uneasy considering it was all new, but I just kept listening to what the controller was telling me and I did fine. I will admit, I missed a call but I just simply asked him to “say again” and he stayed patient with me. Bless his heart!!! I’m sure I was the annoying one on a busy workday for that controller… I ended up being miles away from the runway after I was cleared for my landing. I’ll tell on myself again I performed the WORST landing of my LIFE. Coming straight in on final I believe that got me out of rhythm from the beginning. Also, considering my nerves from all of the vectoring and instructions I believe got into my head… Unfortunately. I was not proud of it at all and quite honestly I was embarrassed because they had the “big boys” lined up waiting for departure. I landed and full throttled again for takeoff and I followed departures instructions and I was then headed on my way West to Bardstown (BRY) for my second airport. My landing in Bardstown and Richmond were both more than perfect! Although I wish I could have performed MUCH better in Lexington sometimes that’s the way things go. I am sure I am not the only one who has had trouble with a landing. The flight was not only a great experience but also a wonderful learning experience. I’m glad I finally got the flight scheduled and under my belt. I am now waiting on ONE MORE flight to review everything with Dalton and then I am cleared to schedule for my FINAL CECKRIDES with Sarah and Steve. YAYYY! I’ll keep you posted! ☺


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