Study Study Study


As I am sitting here on my laptop I glanced up at my calendar and realized that I only have eleven days left in Richmond! That’s including my weekends! I am extremely excited, yet a little stressed out as well. I have really tried to use my best time management skills here lately considering finals are coming and my Private Pilot checkride. All of my classes are asking for their final assignments to be turned in and that makes me extremely excited! I was not able to fly today but I had an instrument SIM instead… Looking ahead for the month of May I have a Ninety-Nines meeting in Bardstown (BRY) next weekend the 9th and my last final is May 12th. I’ll be driving straight home after my last answer is penciled in. Summer school starts the following Monday which is kind of a bummer. I was hoping for some more time off before we started again but that’s college for you. In the short amount of time that I’ll be home I will be wedding dress shopping with my cousin Courtney, visiting family and friends, attending my niece Kennedy’s preschool graduation, and my cousin Alissa’s college graduation from Fairmont State University. With all of my excitement it has helped ease the stress of finals. Even though my head is screaming at me sometimes I am trying to push it “full throttle” to finish out the semester. Only a few more classes and flights left! Woohoo! I’ll keep you posted!


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