New Dorm


Hello bloggers! I survived moving out of Clay Hall and I am now settled in to my new dorm, McGregor Hall. I was able to go home and relax for four days right after finals and in those few short days I was able to attend two graduations and wedding dress shopping with my cousin Courtney. She actually bought her wedding gown the day I was with her so that was super exciting and emotional for all of us. I was happy to share that experience with her and I had a wonderful “mini” vacation back home in Shinnston. My new room in McGregor is private so I have MUCH more space! The dorm overall looks like an insane asylum, and the showers barely have any water pressure but who’s complaining? It’s a roof over my head and I’m here to fly… I picked up one summer class that I have everyday and then I have my flight lab. The weather has been pretty rough so far with thunderstorms and looking ahead for the week they are calling for even more thunderstorms almost everyday. This makes me pretty nervous considering I am scheduled for my third and final stage check this week and my checkride is scheduled for Monday, June 8th. I’ve been studying hard and I would hate to see my checkride get pushed back. Its been great to see a lot of the guys in the program passing instrument and private checkrides and I am just ready for it to be my turn. I just feel it has been an emotional roller coaster ever since I graduated high school and getting my license would take a lot of weight off my shoulders and finally fulfill my goal. All I can do now is just keep working and hopefully the weather holds off. I’ll keep you posted!


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